‘why I Featured Only Adekunle Gold On My Album’ – Simi


Not quite long ago, singer Simisola released a self-titled album & got only Adekunle Gold featured on it. Today, she revealed the reason why she got only Gold featured on her album.

Although the pair’s rumoured romance has been put forward on social media as the probable reason, the ‘Joromi’ singer, in a chat with HipTV, said Adekunle Gold barely made the cut to be on the album.

She said: “The only reason why I have just Adekunle Gold on the album is because after we had done all the songs we were going to do, the only song that had a feature that made the finalist was the one that Adekunle Gold was on. There is no big story.”

The singer also spoke about her recent proclamation that Nigerian men aren’t romantic, which she was heavily criticised for.

“My take is that nobody is allowed to cheat in a relationship but they do it anyway. If a man cheats, he’s scum, if a woman cheats, she’s scum. Obviously, people are harder on women if it happens with women and that’s ridiculous,” she said.

“I feel like if you value something you have, if you value somebody you’re with you’re going to do your best to treat them right and make sure that they feel special. It’s the same for both guys and girls. That’s the way I handle it.”

The artiste further said everyone deserves to be treated equally, irrespective of gender.

She said: “It is a man’s world because we let it be a man’s world. It’s not a man’s world because they have any special powers. It’s not a woman’s world because we have special powers. It’s a human beings world.


“We are all supposed to be good to each other, I’m supposed to value yous as a man and you’re supposed to value me as a woman. Nobody is better than anybody.”

Simi, who is reveling in the growing success of her new album, says she’s been overwhelmed by its reception.

“Acceptance of the album has been extremely amazing. People have been very supportive. I’m excited to be experiencing this right now,” she said.

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